Recently our Guildford Harley-Davidson Dealer Principal, Aaron Presley passed his motorcycle test and shared a few words regarding his journey to hopefully help anyone on the fence, or with any questions about the journey to a motorcycle licence.

It finally happened, last week I got my motorcycle licence. For so long now, it has been one of those things where I've wanted to get it done, get aboard a bike after spending so long around them, but every year something else has taken precedence. You know how the time runs away from you especially when you want to spend time on me, myself and I. Towards the end of last year, I pushed and got my CBT and theory test completed - essentially the first taste of two wheeled freedom and honestly, I was hooked and wanted more.

Finally, the stars had aligned and the opportunity presented itself. A week booked off work and a 4-day DAS, with the climax being both tests on day 4. You'd think at this part there would be some pressure, but it was all quelled by my excitement, in just 4 days I could be qualified to start riding. Though the weather knows not of optimism in England, I continued on, beginning my training in the typical drizzly, grey and damp days.

With my feet planted on the ground, day 4 came around faster than I could have ever imagined. I passed my MOD 1 test, otherwise known as the off-road training section. Usually performed in a controlled area, this part involves your manoeuvres - slow speed control, slalom, emergency stop etc. Just a few hours after this (once the embedded grin had eased on my face) we got the gear back on and headed back out for my MOD 2 test. MOD 2 is where you take to the road, with an examiner behind you. Watching your every move, you'll be taken through a range of different little sections of what you'll come across on the road; roundabouts, a bypass, typical city riding. The pressure was on, but still, I continued on!

We got back, got off the bikes and there it was, a lovely successful pass. I'm still over the moon now. In all of my time working with Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the Lind Group, I've built up years of excitement and knowledge for what I do, but now I feel an even further level into it. Immersed and excited about the future. It's time for me to get myself out on the road on two wheels.

I’d like to say thank you to Norton Motorcycle Training in Worthing for the top-notch training and getting me through my test. Now, where did summer go?

Are you interested in starting your journey and learning to ride? Why not get in touch with our team where we can discuss your options and even point you in the right place to get started. Alternatively, if you've recently passed, take a look at our ranges of motorcycles today and find your first, dream motorcycle.

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