Many of us are heading back to our places of work after weeks at home, some have been working throughout, one thing that won’t have changed over the past few months is the journey to work. 

As our showrooms have re-opened this week and we’ve had lots of appointments with our sales and aftersales departments. Our team are back on the road and riding to work on their trusty motorcycles.

There’s so many reasons to ride. If one of those reasons is as a mode of transport, we’ve got you covered. The Triumph range has many models suitable for the daily commute, wherever your journey may be.

We’ve teamed up with our friend MotoBob as he explores the world of commuting and everything you need to know about riding to work. We leant MotoBob 3 models from the Triumph range to put them to the test and find out how they perform on the daily commute.

Check out the first video out of a series of 6 MotoBob has put together to show you everything you need to know about Motorcycle commuting!

Get in touch with our team today to try one of these models on your daily commute




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