We’ve had many conversations over the past few months with customers who were excited to finally get out on the road on two wheels for the riding season this year and had plans to complete their motorcycle test in 2020.  For the period of lockdown in the UK only key workers were allowed to take motorcycle tests but the government guidelines are changing from Saturday 4th July.

Motorcycle tests and training can take place from Saturday, July 4, as part of the Government’s lockdown-easing measures.

The latest announcement means CBTs, training and theory tests will ramp up from July 4. Module one and module two testing gets going again from July 13. Training can start from July 4.

With the recent learn to ride scheme from MCIA encouraging people to learn to ride as with the recent government advice stating that individuals should consider all forms of transport before considering public transport, now is the perfect time to get out and ride. The safest way to commute is in isolation, and the most isolated way of travelling is on two-wheels. Get where you want to go safely and economically.

MCN spoke to Ian Biederman, BMW Rider Training Chief Instructor, who said: "We are extremely pleased to hear that we can restart testing for those new to motorcycling and training for all abilities. Now, more than ever, motorcycling makes so much sense – it is an ideal mode of transport that enables effective social distancing while helping to minimise use of public transport.

"At BMW Rider Training, we’ve designed a dedicated course for those returning to the road after the coronavirus-enforced riding break and we’ve also seen a very strong level of interest from newcomers who are now keen to learn to ride."

And the Motorcycle Industry Association, which represents bike manufacturers in the UK, added: "This is excellent, if somewhat belated news for our industry and will no doubt help maintain the recent surge in showroom activity."

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