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Refined craftsmanship giving freedom, grit, determination and wanderlust in 2020. Explore the world of Adventure and Sport with Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson have released images of their new bikes expected to land in late 2020. With Harley-Davidson making a new branch into the Adventure and Sport market you can be sure to expect an enhanced experience at every turn.

With the full specification to follow, here are a few things we already know about the new Harley-Davidson’s;
  • Custom designed brakes from Brembo with a new radial monoblock four-piston caliper that’s designed to match the style of the bike.
  • Co-Branded tires from Michelin to meet each bike’s specific need and requirements, giving you the ultimate riding experience.
  • Two different displacements consisting of a 975cc base (115bhp and 70lbft) and a 1250cc base (145bhp and 90lbft). Giving you the Harley-Davidson experience that you’re used to.
  • Both new Engine powerplants will be engineered on Harley-Davidson’s new 60-degree liquid cooled V-twin engines.
With details still few and far between we will be able to unveil the full specifications closer to the time of sale in 2020.

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